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Sonny graduated from a university in Japan with an engineering degree. He worked for a film company called Fuji Film. After gaining work experience for several years in both Europe and the United States, he moved to Huntington Beach, California with his family, and taking a general managing position in an exporting company. He took that business and turned it into his own exporting company. A few years later, he branched out to be a real estate agent.

Sonny Oyama is happily married with four children. He also enjoys watching and playing many different types of sports. He has traveled extensively in Europe, which was a great life changing experience for him. Mr. Oyama is almost one-hundred percent vegetarian, but sometimes he just cannot resist delicious meals with some meat. In addition to enjoying life he also loves cars and motorcycles.

Shoji Sonny Oyama is a Licensed USA Gymnastics Judge and Car Dealer.

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